Expo security Mexico celebrates 15 years

This emission is estimated to attend more than 15 thousand visitors to learn about the latest solutions, technologies and cutting-edge processes linked to security issues. The use of new technologies reduce 11.1% crimes of high impact in the CDMX, in accordance with United States authorities

Reseller / Cyntia Martinez  

From 14 to 16 March held in the city of Mexico Expo security 2017; an event that has become an international reference on security after fifteen years of carried out continuously.

"Companies and professionals linked to the security we have the great challenge of summoning citizens, entrepreneurs and Government to show that there are solutions, technologies and processes successful vanguard to help stop and prevent the threats and risks that threaten the day-to-day security of the people." That is our goal during these three days and it has been for the past 15 years,"said the spokesman and head of public relations at Expo security Mexico, Mario Arroyo.

In this issue it brings together more than 300 exhibitors who will show about 15 thousand visitors new solutions, cutting edge processes and technologies related to security issues; certainly the presence of manufacturers and wholesalers of TI was swift.

Axis, DormaKaba, Condumex, Dahua, Hanwha Techwin, Honeywell, Motorola Solutions, Pelco, Panasonic, QNAP and Seagate are some of the IT manufacturers who are exhibiting their safety proposals.

In the case of wholesalers, there are companies who are participating for the first time as Ingram Micro, who exhibits his offer of networking (Cisco) solutions, Digital Security and physical safety. Anixter, Key BPS, Inalarm and Syscom are other companies that also have a presence at the event.

"At Expo security Mexico we work to promote the culture of safety that will allow us to have a better quality of life with rights and full responsibilities, with hope and vision for the future. "Here the best of all areas security community is met: Government, enterprises, associations and citizens willing to deliver talent and experience for the benefit of others".

Technology reduces 11.1% high impact on CDMX crimes

During the opening ceremony, the Secretary for public security in the CDMX, Hiram Almeida, said technology and modernity to allow the creation of operational models of security more efficient and satisfactory, according to the claim and demands of the public.

"The technology that we will see in this exhibition is one of basic allies in the fight against crime and insecurity", he said.

In this sense, reported that as a result of the use of new technologies have been reducing in 11.1% crimes of high impact in the city of Mexico, which translates into a reduction of more than 3 thousand 462 crimes in comparison with the previous year.

Official abounded in that in the city of Mexico, there are different examples of how the technology can be applied in the security benefits of the citizens as my police and my application in my business, the latter with the registration of more than 8 thousand 297 settlements, in which citizens can access information, as well as to make complaints reducing authorities response times to emergency calls.

Almeida also reported operating strategy is fraught with technology because to date, the city of Mexico has more than 2 thousand 468 patrols with four cameras installed, as well as 2 thousand 740 cameras placed in police vests to monitor and monitor in real time the proper functioning of the police action.

"Thus we are achieving a project ecological and modern, efficient and closer to the people, which is a demand for citizenship", he concluded.