They say that there is nothing new under the Sun and I agree. When it comes to personal finance, talk about the same thing from different points of view, with different styles, but if you are talking about the same thing. The thing is that even though "know it" us still costing work. So, this blog is still alive and this list with the financial rules of gold is not over.

    1. Save at least 10% of what they earn. You have to account that do not receive it.
    2. You keep track of expenses. It is easier to fit a budget and the results will make you want to change some habits


  1. It investigates who offers better rates and lower fees.
  2. Always consider your true ability to pay when you acquire a debt and that includes look bad scenarios as losing their jobs, not to receive that bonus, or have fewer customers flow.
  3. Only credit to some things. I recommend are very expensive things (such as a house) or that they represent an instrument to "make more money" as the computer, tool or even inventory.
  4. Plan your purchases. You can't have everything at the same time, so you can give your luxuries but you plan well as you buy, where and when.
  5. You always pay the total of your debt on card. This is easier when using it as little as possible. You do not pay interest and you can finance you for 30 days free.
  6. Balance your checkbook. It is not difficult and few things more annoying and useless "gift" to the Bank $1,000 per bounced check.
  7. You pay your bills on time. No late fees, interest or up to annoying calls requesting "kindly" you paid.
  8. Don't ask borrowed unless it is truly necessary. Ask to pay for Christmas gifts is not truly necessary.
  9. When buying a new car don't forget to consider: level of devaluation in the market of the brand that you wish to purchase, payment of tenure, the cost of insurance and the cost of spare parts and services.
  10. Save for your retirement in an instrument that keep the money above or at the level of inflation.
  11. Buy a health insurance that fits your needs and budget.
  12. Try that provided the insured amount of the SGMM is unlimited.
  13. When you have a "fat time" increases the percentage of saving, not spending.
  14. Use prevention in health. Costs much less: go to the dentist 2 times a year, to the gynaecological and proctological review once a year, perform a check up yearly, etc.
  15. Take care of your keys and passwords as well as your cards. It's a mess when something happens.
  16. Stay on the lookout for your account statements, save your vouchers, tickets and guarantees.
  17. If you lend money remember not to lose it you gotta be collector. If you don't like to collect or that angry with you by collector better put face's don't have, sniff, sniff.
  18. Investing is not difficult, but we need to educate ourselves a little bit. Today everything is at hand in the internet, and there are financial institutions that can help us.
  19. You spend less. Find out all the ways in which you can spend less light, less water, less hours in transport, less paper, etc.
  20. Set financial goals and their times. These represent the headlights that guide us through our journey. Without them we are like chickens without a head hoping that someday (and magically) "our dreams come true"
  21. It sets priorities. It is thought to who saves an elbow which cannot live. This is not true if we save for the things that really matter to us and leave expense which does not affect us.
  22. Enjoy life and what if you have. A rare thing that has the money (and what you can buy with it) is that it seems that it is never enough, that if we had a little bit more, we would then be little bit more happy. If we enjoy what we have today, we really enjoy we have tomorrow. The reverse does not work.

This post was written in 2009.

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