Why learn the difficult art of customer service?

Especially if you're an entrepreneur, you must have attention to the client as a standard. Did you know that the business label is key in the development of SMEs?

Did you know that the business label is key in the development of SMEs? Especially if you're an entrepreneur, you must have attention to the client as a standard. Any company that wants to stand out and get a niche in a difficult competitive market, must take into account that it is not enough that your product is of quality, because also who has it, who attends and who sold must have human qualities and this requires, largely corporate label. However, there is little literature about this because it underestimated and it is thought that it is irrelevant, it has everything to do with the diplomacy, that it is all a science.

One of the most complicated things is dealing with the customer. Know the different types that we could classify a customer, it would take us pages, much ink and hard it would be. What you should do instead of sort, is to get trained! When you take a business, usually you're Assistant, receptionist, Manager, owner, and others. Apart from all the papers that you do, it is important that you don't forget to smile and service quality to your customers, that is a fundamental point.

More than ever, innovative companies are betting on the training of its staff. Did you know that companies such as Google or Coca-Cola provide scholarships for studies in renowned universities?

Think about it, it's logical! If I was the owner of a very profitable company and my headhunter told me that there are two employees with good skills and great future, without thinking, he would invest in their education and preparation, since this would not only benefit my own business, but in addition, I would be making it more competitive in the business market. In addition to that, I would observe their attitude, since nothing is achieved without it.

In fact, up to 80% of companies "saves" in training, without thinking that, as Henry Ford said "stop advertising to save money, is as stopping your clock to save time", only that in this case I would change the word advertising and write stop train.


A company whose staff is prepared to meet and deal with the problems that can arise with the treatment of the customer is a company that is not only able to master the difficulties, but will retain its customers because its staff is trained to take on the conflict. If you keep your team happy, I assure you that they will keep your customers happy. But, keep them happy? It's simple: giving them the right tools with training customized for your business to cope with various difficulties.

He agrees! How many times have you wanted to who serves in the window or on the counter have been trained to perform their tasks in decent way, by their lack of skills? Enough, right?

Politeness, kindness, gentleness, urbanity, and education, are completely intertwined and are basic and indispensable to be able to offer a good deal to the customer and care with which your customers not only feel identified with your business, but who wish to return for the good care received, so you will be able retain your brand and strengthen entrepreneurship you've done. If you want advice to systematize the customer, first and foremost, always invests in training, be it technical, computer or otherwise, give to your personal instruments for treatment of excellence to your customers.

By: Gabriela Cano Rubio.