Microsoft Teams launches Office 365 customers worldwide

By: Reseller / agencies

Microsoft Corp. He announced the general availability of Microsoft Teams, the new workspace chat in Office 365 for enterprise-based. A tool for the team collaboration that is already available to customers of Office 365 business in 181 markets and 19 languages.

Since the announcement of the previous version in November of 2017, more than 50 thousand organizations have started to use Microsoft Teams.

"In a world where information is abundant and the human time and attention are scarce, we aspire to help people and groups of people to be more productive, wherever they are. Today, we added a new tool to Office 365 with Microsoft Teams, a workspace based on chat designed to promote the art of the equipment", said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

The tool is designed with integrated applications that were built with a purpose: Outlook for enterprise-grade email; SharePoint for intelligent management of content; Yammer for networking through the Organization; Skype for Business as the backbone for enterprise voice and video; and now, Microsoft Teams.

According to Laurie Koch, Vice President of service global Trek Bicycle, Microsoft Teams customer has already begun to optimize the work of the company: "through the Global Trek equipment, integrated collection of Office 365 applications cater to a set of common tools to lead the business forward in a collaborative way. We see Microsoft Teams as the center of Project Office 365 where everyone knows where to find the documents, notes and more recent tasks, all in line with the talks of the team to have a full context".

Microsoft has introduced more than 100 new features in Teams since November of 2017, among which are: an enhanced experience of meetings, with scheduled capabilities; calls audio mobile, now with video calling on Android and soon for iOS and Windows Phone; integration of email; and new security and compliance capabilities.

The company has also delivered new features to make accessible to Microsoft Teams, as support for navigation, high contrast, and screen readers only keyboard. Access capabilities of guest and greater integration with Outlook, as well as a development platform that is expected to arrive in June of this year.

Through applications built from scratch and the cloud global and secure Microsoft Chat, the complete parcel Office, personalization of space and security, as Microsoft looks to that collaboration between members of an organization and work teams are in the solution more efficiently carry out the daily tasks