What is digital Diogenes syndrome?  

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By Luis García Díaz. Twitter: @luis_garciadiaz
What is digital Diogenes syndrome?
If Diogenes syndrome compulsive accumulator we add the "digital" tagline at the end, we came across one of the first syndromes caused exclusively by technological material. It's a psychological defect which "forces" which have to save any file type that meets on the Internet: movies, records, programs of radio, etc.
But beware, this does not mean that if it costs us to delete any file on your computer and automatically we padezcamos this type of digital disorder: we refer to those subjects that downloading a movie and are unable to delete it even after seeing, can not eliminate any file created, albeit useless, either, or even do not know what is to use the Recycle Bin.
So many new computer users suffer from this modern disorder, and is that one years ago the cost per Megabyte or per Gigabyte (GB) has been falling drastically, you remember when was recorded using disks of 3 ½ inch or worse still the large 5 1/4 disks, same which then were replaced by comfortable 700 MB CD and later DVD's 4.7 GB (4,700 MB) that allowed users to save mobilize and share large amounts of data, the famous USB flash drives are currently part of our lives with sizes ranging from 16 MB (the first I had was this size) to the current 32 GB.
It has also passed the same with hard drives, which have gone from the 16 MB in its beginnings up to the 2 terabyte (2,000 GB) but the size of arrays or sets of hard drives allow domestic digital media servers have up to 16 GB at home at a relatively low cost.
"Knowledge is power"… but when that knowledge is not applied, internalized or simply read, become digital junk, some days ago I found myself checking my hard drive, 420 GB of books without reading; more or less 4,500,000 files pdf, Word and others, so if you must read these books exclusively, without rest, nor eat, exclusively read would have material to read for the next 450 years, but because it is difficult to delete something, I found ideas that you can be the key to this attitude of accumulator. The first idea is a simple question: and if I then need it?; Question simple but crucial to understand the syndrome, it seems that everything has to do with the need not to miss is her "valuable" information; the second question: and if not return it to achieve? By combining the two above questions give the origin of the syndrome, is an attitude of being always prepared for when someday may have the need for this information, but it also presents the horrible idea not to have something that was already in my possession and therefore I could in my 'enemies' advantage back. These ideas will surely come from my primitive mind that seeks to have more advantages to survive, and to have the cognitive tools to overcome who might try to rob me of what is "mine".
After all only we are animals, disguised as rational beings.